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Though the Winchester Model 1897 shotgun is perhaps best-known for its use during World War I as the “Trench Gun,” this reliable, pump-action shotgun saw use in military, law-enforcement and

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WINCHESTER MODEL 1897 12GA. SHOTGUN BARREL Antique Vintage Part Up for auction is this antique/vintage MODEL 1897 Winchester 12 gauge barrel. The last patent date on barrel is DEC. 25. 06. Also stamped on barrel is MOD, circled VP) 235 X K, and a couple other numbers/letters that are a little harder to make out.

The initial birthing of the Winchester Model 1897 shotgun proved to be a difficult delivery. Though this particular version of the gun appeared in November of its namesake year, it had been conceived, at least in part, seven years earlier when Winchester Repeating Arms bought a patent from John Browning. The patent was for an exposed-hammer slide-action firearm that first became the Winchester

What all the fuss is about: The 12-ga. Model 1897 Winchester, adopted as the U.S. “Model of 1917 Trench Shotgun.” One of the most intimidating looking firearms ever made!

U.S. Winchester Model 1897 Slide Action Trench Shotgun – Photo Credit. This led to the design and production of the Trench Grade version of the Model 1897 in which a perforated steel heat shield was added over the barrel to protect the hand of the user. An adapter for a bayonet was also added to a somewhat shorter barrel.

Current value of model 1897 Winchester pump shotgun made in new haven Connecticut serial 310144? Your gun was made in 1905, and in good condition a “plain jane” 97 will sell in the range of $500

The Winchester Model 1897 became the most popular exposed-hammer, slide-action shotgun in history. Special features include fancy checkered walnut stocks, Damascus barrels, and engraving. According to a 1916 catalogue, the plain-finish example sold for $25, while an engraved receiver with checkered and finer wood sold for $100.

Q. I just purchased an original World War I, U.S.-issue Model 1897 Winchester “trench gun” with a heat shield and bayonet lug. I’d like to get the right bayonet for it.

Winchester Repeating Arms Company established itself as one of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers of the world, and the subsequent rifles produced by Winchester are highly prized by collectors today. About 1897 Winchester Shotgun The 1897 Winchester shotgun was an updated successor to the 1893 Winchester.

1897 winchester shotgun reproduction, Norinco Model 1897 12 Ga 2

Norinco Model 1897 12 Ga 2-3/4″ Trench Shotgun 5+1 Contemporary Reproduction of a 12 Gauge WWI / WWII Winchester 1897 Trench Shotgun Known as the M97 or 97 Trench Sweeper used in Both World War One and World War Two. 20″ barrel , Walnut Stocks. Takes 2-3/4″ shells, 5+1 Rounds

The Cimarron Model 1897 12 Gauge Pump Action, $480, is a replica of the classic Winchester Model 1897, and the feel and balance of the modern version remains a classic. We liked the heft and handling ability of the shotgun, but were a little concerned about the stiffness of the action. However, after a little test time and shell shucking, the pump became a smooth-functioning tool.

Norinco – 1897 Trench Shotgun – 12 ga: Contemporary Reproduction of a 12 Gauge WWI / WWII Winchester 1897 Trench Shotgun. Known as the M97 or 97 Trench Sweeper used in both World War One and World War Two..

Who makes the best reproduction 1897 Winchester? I’d like to buy an American made 1897 reproduction of an 1897, because I don’t plan on spending $1,500 on an original. Do you guys know of any companies (even foreign ones) that make quality repros of these still?

Today, Winchester produces a small line of shotguns that are produced in Turkey but designed by Winchester. Quick Facts. The newest Winchester SXP pump shotgun uses an inertia-assisted slide to make it the fastest pump shotgun in the world; Germany protested the use of the Winchester Model 1897 in World War I

Here is a fully restored Winchester 1897 Shotgun from 1919. View its gallery of restoration photos, as well as those of countless other vintage and antique firearms restored by Turnbull Restoration.

There were 19,196 trench guns sold to the US during WW1 and an estimate of 30,000 prior to 1920. See Madis “The Winchester Handbook at page 169. This commercial Trench Gun” built in 1920 is a relatively scarce collector grade Winchester. In addition the number that probably survived in the condition of this example is even scarcer.

The Winchester Model 1897 (or just Winchester 97) was designed by John Moses Browning, one of the most famous American firearms inventors. The Winchester 97 was first listed for sale by Winchester in 1897 as a 12 gauge solid frame model.