applicable for, if applicable

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applicable for, n/a

n/a or N/A is a common abbreviation in tables and lists for the phrase not applicable, not available or no answer.It is used to indicate when information in a certain table cell is not provided, either because it does not apply to a particular case in question or because the answer is not available.

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Applicable during school holiday period only. I’ve Googled the usage of “applicable to” and “applicable for” and find that BOTH are used indiscriminately I would use only ‘to’ in these cases, quite discriminately.

10 ways to abbreviate Not Applicable updated 2020. How to abbreviate Not Applicable? The most popular abbreviation for Not Applicable is: NA

applicable (a.)能應用的,可適用的;適當的,合適的 來源(2): Network Terminology [netterm] applicable 可用 來源(3): The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide] Applicable \Ap”pli*ca*ble\, a. [Cf. F. aplicable, fr. L. applicare. See .]

Here is part of a book or something. Adjust the range compensation for each sensor (as applicable) so that the range of a known target is correct; What does as applicable mean here?:roll:

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applicable for, EUR

Applicable law in the absence of choice by the parties. 1. In the absence of a choice-of-law agreement pursuant to Article 22, the law applicable to the matrimonial property regime shall be the law of the State: (a) of the spouses’ first common habitual residence after the conclusion of the marriage; or, failing that (b)

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“Where applicable” is often found on general forms. It means that an answer is not required of everyone, only certain people. For example, if it asks for “Maiden Name (Where applicable),” then it does not apply to any men or any unmarried women.

Guidance on the applicable legislation for leave-on hand cleaners and hand disinfectants (gel, solution, etc.) Document date: Mon Mar 30 00:00:00 CEST 2020 – Created by GROW.R.2.DIR – Publication date: n/a – Last update: Mon Mar 30 11:09:11 CEST 2020

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Ap pli*ca*ble, a. [Cf. F. aplicable, fr. L. applicare. See {Apply}.] Capable of being applied; fit or suitable to be applied; having relevance; as, this observation is applicable to the case under consideration. {Ap pli*ca*ble*ness}, n. {Ap

Define Applicable Year. means (i) with respect to the payments made pursuant to paragraph 7 of the Stipulation of Amendment, the calendar year ending on the date on which the payment at issue is due, regardless of when such payment is made; and (ii) with respect to all other payments made pursuant to the Stipulation of Amendment, the calendar year immediately preceding the year in which the