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Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh every few months, leveling a Normal or Hardcore character from scratch without previously earned items, paragon levels, materials and gold. A great positive of the Season is reliving the initial progression, and seeing a character grow in great strides.

Three years later, 'Diablo III' Seasons mode heads to consoles

Safe to play with random strangers in D3 seasons on console?

It’s a “well know fact” that if you join random games in Diablo 3 on console you will invariably hit upon people with modded gear.. However, I do not know where this gear comes from. For instance, I’ve heard that the gear comes from modded Xbox 360 game saves. Seasons was introduced to Diablo 3 on consoles this friday and with it comes a fresh start.

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Years after Diablo III’s seasons first started, they’re finally coming to consoles.Just as PC players begin clicking their way through the game’s 10th season, those who decided to go with

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Diablo 3 PS4 Seasons Coming Next Year

A ton of Diablo III news came out of this year’s BlizzCon event over the weekend. One important announcement was the arrival of Seasons on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year. In a post on

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I know Consoles didnt have seasons and ladder before but will this upcoming season come on ps4 and xbox one too? QUESTION Diablo 3 season 9 on consoles? (self.diablo3) I want to also know if seasons on console will be the same as the ones on PC, or …

Diablo III Seasons Finally Come To Consoles

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Mar 23 Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Ver. Region Question Hello, so I live in Japan and I have a Japanese Nintendo Switch account. Diablo 3 doesn’t come out on the Switch in Japan until end of December. I am wondering if I get the US ver. of the game or buy it off the US eShop, will I be able to play it using my Japanese account?

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Apr 04, 2017 · Its prolly because you stated that PTR has something to seasons and it doesnt. I think seasons on consoles will be same lenght as seasons on PC, so something around 3 months. Don’t think consoles will get ptr, PC version is prolly enough for testing, becasue changes are same on PC and on consoles and its just easier to test stuff on PC.


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Aug 23, 2015 · Diablo 3 Seasons May Be Coming to PS4 and Xbox One “We’ll probably go back and revisit that decision,” says senior game producer at Blizzard.

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Console versions of Diablo III sold in retail stores in Poland and Russia will only include the Polish and Russian versions of the game. Q: If I already own Diablo III console, will there be any way to upgrade to Reaper of Souls expansion on consoles other than Ultimate Evil Edition?

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Do not make PC Master Race posts here. If you are looking for everything Diablo 3 related regardless of platform check out /r/Diablo. Use the Weekly Thread—We have an official Trading and Power Leveling Weekly Thread that gets posted every week on Friday in preparation for the weekend. Use this post for all trading/power leveling related

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Although the big Diablo III-related announcement at Blizzcon this year was the new Necromancer class, Blizzard also made another important announcement: Diablo III’s seasons are coming to the console versions of the game.. Seasons will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “early next year,” according to Blizzard, with the PC and console versions both starting Seasons 10 at the same time.

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Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition: le Stagioni su console

La Stagione 10 di Diablo III: Reaper of Souls inizierà a fine mese, il 31 Marzo, e segna un importante traguardo per il gioco. Non solo è la decima Stagione, ma introduce ufficialmente questo contenuto periodico anche su console dell’attuale generazione, sull’Ultimate Evil Edition. Buon farming! Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto Our next Season begins soon!

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Aug 25, 2015 · The article covers Seasons and how they may come to the console, the new Season Journey, why they still don’t think PvP would work in D3, Kanai’s Cube, and some comments on the recent job opening for an Art Director for an unannounced Diablo project. Check out the article for full details. Here’s a quote, Blizzard on Console Seasons and PvP:

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Aug 31, 2018 · Diablo III. Season 14 Ending Soon. Blizzard Entertainment August 31, 2018. 224. Here we are again, nephalem. As we prepare to close out another Season in Diablo III, it’s time to take a moment to remember what you have achieved and ensure that you’re ready for the next. Season 15 will begin for all console players on Friday, September 21

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