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Mar 30, 2019 · The karambit, also sometimes spelled kerambit, is a hooked blade with a ring at the base of the handle. The blade’s shape resembles a hook bill knife, commonly used for cutting vinyl. Usually, you hold the blade in reverse grip with your index finger through the ring. It looks simple, but the karambit wounds are very serious.

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Sep 02, 2018 · Karambit and Huntsman Knife 2 Piece Set |. This is a large knife with an overall length of 11 inches and a blade length that is an amazing 6 inches long! While not the best option for concealing, the handle and guard make it comfortable to use. The karambit is made of …

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Karambit Training for Beginners. One of the first things to test with a karambit trainer is the grip. It is possible to grip a karambit knife reverse or forward. In both cases, the point should face away from the user. The karambit is a small knife, so often the entire hand grips the handle.

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MASTERING THE KARAMBIT. Uncover the secrets of the Indonesian and Filipino defensive tactics training such as disarms, takedowns, throws, immobilizations, escapes, locks and other self-defense skills specifically developed around the curved blade. The karambit is one of the most effective and versatile tools for self-defense available!

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Over 88 minutes of thorough Karambit Knife Combat Training! Get this AMAZING Training DVD for ONLY $54.95 !!! Video Produced and Edited by: Funker Tactical Media, Inc.

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The MK Ultimate Training Karambit allows you to safely learn the ways of the Karambit while also following along with Doug Marcaida’s training videos.

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Karambit Knife Training, Tutorials and Info | See more ideas about Knives, Lineman and Martial Arts.

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Product Description. The third generation of our Aluminum Training Karambit features beveled edges and a contoured false edge. We made this karambit a little thicker for a more comfortble grip. Similar to previous designs, this G3 karambit allows both a full fisted …

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Oct 16, 2003 · I was demonstrating a new extended and cut with a retraction cut, in slow motion. I was using their karambit.(FIRST MISTAKE, ALWAYS USE YOUR OWN) It was a popular brand karambit that I had never handled before. It was weighted much differently than mine and the length was also different. What a dope! I know !! I should not be playing with knifes!!

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Leveraging more than a quarter century of public and private service, Steve Tarani offers professional instruction via lectures, workshops and hands-on training empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and protective skills needed for effective personal security.


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Karambit Knives. Karambit Knives are the ultimate self defense tool. They typically have a curved blade design and a finger hole that is ideal for close combat situations. Karambit blades are available in folding knives, automatics, fixed blades and neck knives. If you want to learn more about what makes a karambit and which one is

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Mar 23, 2006 · Level 1 Training covers the basic skills, drills and manipulations of the Karambit. Balance and coordination are also taught, along with instilling a combat mindset. Run time for Level 1 is approximately 94 minutes.

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