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*Items are only dropped in the Fight Cauldron. This is the TokHaar equivalent of a Ket-Zek.It will only use melee if you are stood next to it, otherwise it will launch magical balls …

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A very useful tip is to try to find out where the orange Ket-Zek spawned in the previous wave. As with all other waves where two enemies of the same type are encountered, the new monster will appear where the off-coloured monster spawned. This will allow you to prepare accordingly to prevent Jad from launching a surprise attack.

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Habitat: Various waves in the TokHaar Fight Kiln. Notes: This monster uses magic and melee attacks, so be sure to have protect from magic prayer on, then range it or mage it.

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Fight Caves, Ket-Zeks are incredibly OP – please fix ASAP

Fight Caves, Ket-Zeks are incredibly OP – please fix ASAP! (self.runescape) You’re right, but I did some digging in rs wikia and apparently after the July 14 update the Tzhaar Ket-Zek (and not the Tokharr Ket-Zek which is why I was confused) were made to be massively OP, as in they have basically the same mage attack as Jad except

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The TokHaar-Ket-Zek is a TokHaar creature located in the Fight Kiln and Fight Cauldron minigames. It uses its mage attack when the player is at least one square away from it, and its melee attack if the player come within its melee range. As with all monsters encountered in the Fight kiln

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Recommended priority: Tok-Xil > Ket-Zek > Yt-Mejkot > Tz-Kek > Tz-Kih. Note, It’s highly recommended for you to pray against magic attacks until you defeat the Ket-Zek(s) and to pray against melee attacks to kill the Yt-Mejkot(s). Wave Monsters (Combat Level) Number of Monsters 31

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Jul 16, 2008 · Waves 31-60: As soon as you finish off the two Yt-MejKot, immediately put on your mage prayer. At this point you will be facing a Ket-Zek (level-360). This monster can do up to 50 damage without your mage prayer on and can do nasty melee damage if you get too close.

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Ket-Zek; A very large and fairly dangerous monster which used both magic and melee attacks. Like the Yt-Mejkot, it can easily be trapped behind a rock. Pray against mage to kill them. Check the table below for more info. Yt-Hurkot (healers) Four of them appear when Jad is down to half health.

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This page has a strategy guide. The TzHaar Fight Caves is arguably the hardest activity in Soulsplit besides the Fight Kiln, which is said to be 3-4 times harder. To win this activity, the player will need to have high combat skills and powerful equipment. The Fight Caves is a combat based

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