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Make a comfortable neck pillow (travel pillow) to make your next journey fun and relaxed. Get the printable pattern from my blog at

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Don’t worry though because I personally tested out 5 different travel pillows and I’m here to help you find the best travel neck pillow for that long international flight or bus ride across the country. Scroll down to read my detailed analysis of the top 5 travel pillows – and find out which one came out on top of

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Neck pillows have many uses, depending on how they are shaped and what they are stuffed with. If you are going on a trip, and need to take a nap, a horseshoe-shaped pillow stuffed with polyester stuffing will make your nap

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Neck Pillows. Make your next journey as comfortable as possible with Travel Pillows from Kohl’s! Whether you’ll be flying on an airplane, riding in a train, or using another mode of travel, our selection of Neck Pillows offers just what you need to six back and relax.

Some neck pillows even feature patterns, such as polka dots or chevron print, which can make you feel a bit more stylish as you travel. Be careful not to choose a nice design over a quality pillow, however; if you do, you’ll likely regret it when you wake up with a sore neck.

The soft, fleece towel wraps around the neck like a scarf but has a contoured pad that can be worn on either side of the neck. Unlike U-shaped pillows that you end up wearing around the airport because you’re out of space in your luggage, when not in use, the airplane pillow packs up to

Neck pillow travel. Sitting and working on a computer for 12+ hours a day has taken its toll over the last 15 years, first as a Graphic Designer (they don’t tell you that in college), and now as a Blogger.

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Why are travel neck pillows in U-shaped? A: Well, have been no exact reason why generally of the neck pillows are designed in U-shaped. However, it can be the reason that it is intended in U form, is to help the user not to fall left, right, or back in sleeping while traveling.

Inflatable Travel Pillows. The majority of travel pillows sold today are U-shaped models designed to rest on the shoulders with both ends facing forward. For added neck support, some of these U-shaped pillows have raised backs with a gentle curve; this ergonomic-minded design can help prevent neck

This incredibly comfy neck cushion is one of the best pillows for neck pain, offering good support by moulding to the shape of your neck. Compactness 1/5. This is a fairly massive memory foam pillow and due to the material, it’s heavier than your average travel pillow. Value for money 4/5

Travel Neck Pillows Buying Guide. Cushioning materials: The type of cushioning materials is vital for comfort and support. There are different from one pillow to another. Most of the cushion neck cushion comes filled with memory foam. However, other materials are useful.

Travel pillows will help you grab some sleep on the move. Our travel pillows are available in a range of great styles including neck pillows perfect for airplanes and kids pillows with fun designs. If you’re travelling across the world or on a long car journey, take a comfy travel pillow to

8 Best Travel Neck Pillows In 2019 For Airplanes & Long Haul Flights. It can be hard getting enough sleep when you’re always traveling. It doesn’t matter when you’re on a long road trip or flying across the oceans. You need a way to get plenty of sleep.

I’ve never found a perfect travel pillow either. The u-shaped neck pillows seemed to bug me as much as help me. The most helpful thing I’ve found to keep my head steady in an airline seat is that many airline seat headrests now have those movable “wings” built in that you can fold up on either side of your head.

I put 14 of the best travel neck pillows through the ringer to answer one simple question: what’s the world’s best travel neck pillow for long flights? Spoiler alert: one was a clear winner.