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The “no poo” transition period can differ for everyone, so if you’re wondering about how the “no poo” method works, here’s the story of my “no poo” journey and the results before and after! The Backstory. Let’s go back to 2013. I was still in university, actually.

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It did. And this is my awful baking soda no ‘poo before and after story. The No ‘Poo Method and Why I Loved It. If you aren’t already familiar with the term, “no ‘poo” simply refers to any method of washing the hair that doesn’t use conventional shampoo and conditioner (think “no {sham}poo”).

In my no poo method, I always use an apple cider vinegar rinse as a conditioner. Here I mix a few spoonfuls of organic apple cider vinegar with cold water. I used that for a month at the beginning of my no-poo phase and now I used it every so often. That makes my hair soft, well-groomed and easy to

The original No-Poo method involved scrubbing the hair and scalp with a quantity of baking soda in water to replace the shampoo, and then following with a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse. It is also often suggested to do this process less frequently than most people tend to shampoo their hair—every few days, rather than every day.

Some no-poo veterans have stayed with the baking soda and vinegar method for years, and that works for them! But most of the time, something will work for a while, and then your hair’s needs will change, and YOU’LL need to change something.

Many no ‘poo methods also suggest using apple cider vinegar—either instead of or in addition to baking soda—as a natural clarifier. According to Keith Shore,

So “no poo” you still use shampoo it’s just more conditioning. If you really want to stop using shampoo all together go with the baking soda and vinegar route. Like the last person said wash your hair less, 2-3 times a week max.

I tried the No Poo method a few months ago for the first time with shampoo soap bars from chagrin valley and I experienced some few pros and cons: Pros: I could see my individual strands of hair becoming stronger and less prone to breakage after the first 2 weeks, my hair grew longer and quickly by a few inches within a few months (from shoulder length to belly button length) and within 2-3

No Poo Method/Water Only (1 Post) Add message | Report. BlueLagoona Fri 10-Jul-20 23:42:16. Just wondering if anyone successfully uses the No Poo method for hair washing? I’ve decided to give it a go and am currently one week in on water only washing and I’m finding it not too bad.

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No-poo Method Jeg er også gået i no-poo method ikke for længe siden, faktisk var der kun 2 måneder siden. Det er mange naturlig måde at gøre det så det er bare med at finde og eksperimentere det rigtig combination for dig.

The Problem with the No Poo Method If you google ‘no poo method’ you’ll get testimonials about the miraculous results of this hair care method. The before and after pictures were enough to convince me to try the baking soda and ACV. Although I only used the No Poo method for about two months, it did take a toll on my hair. My scalp was getting flaky and irritated and my hair felt slightly brittle.

My personal experience with the no-poo method brought me to an understanding that I am not a ‘no-poo’ girl. I went back to using a liquid shampoo, which is also a good way for me to save time. Since I can’t afford spending time on preparing natural ingredient hair packs for my hair, I must be sure that the hair products I use are not only non-toxic but also nourishing and beneficial for

So if the no poo method has not worked for you, then don’t go pulling your hair out – the bi-carb is doing that for you! Don’t feel defeated. You haven’t failed. The trick is to find a good natural shampoo that’s pH balanced, and contains good, safe ingredients.

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Like I said in How to Get Started with the No-Poo Hair Care Method, the transition period was drastically shortened once I bit the bullet and endured a longer time of greasy hair. Once you hit that hard reset button on your scalp’s oil producing cues, it really gets you through it quickly instead of dragging it out for months.

Many refer to this as the “no poo method”.. When I first heard about no poo, I originally was a little hesitant to try it as many who have, say that for

No poo method leaves hair more naturally healthy, shinier and less frizzy. It lets your hair to produce oil naturally. Although, some say you need to wash your hair to cleanse scalp to prevent irritation and dandruff, using gentle alternative can still cleanse your hair while making it look healthier than ever.