obama vs trump economy, How Trump’s three years of job gains compares to

You don’t have to go back far to find three years of better job growth than has been achieved under President Donald Trump. Just to back to the previous three years under President Barack Obama.

obama vs trump economy, No, Obama doesn’t deserve credit for Trump’s

Another problem with the Obama-is-responsible-for-Trump’s-economy mantra is that it flies in the face of what was being said just before the election.

Trump vs Obama: The economic tale of the tape By Daniel Griswold, opinion contributor — 10/24/18 01:30 PM EDT The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill

While the economy has improved under Trump, the expansion began under Obama. Analysis of the economy should take into account all contributing factors, so it’s unfair to

Trump vs. Obama: Who was better for Florida’s economy? Jobs, wages and economic output — here’s the tally. It’s an election year, so get ready for an onslaught of economic comparisons.

BOOM: Trump vs Obama Brilliantly Compared on the Economy. By TFPP Writer Published June 5, 2018 at 10:38am Share on Facebook (2.3k) Tweet Share Email Print. Once again A.F. Branco hits a home run in this cartoon that brutally sums up the difference between Trump and Obama on handling the economy:

The economic adviser for former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama described President Donald Trump on Wednesday as the “number one risk factor” for the economy and said that if Trump

In fact, comparing August 2016 (under Obama) and August 2018 (under Trump), the U.S. economy created 1,017,100 new blue-collar jobs, as employees returned to factories, mines, and construction

President-elect Trump and President Obama meet at the White House, November 10, 2016. (Reuters photo: Kevin Lamarque) We’ve gone from hard left, under Obama, to hard right, under Trump. Judge

obama vs trump economy, The Trump economy is starting to look more and

The Trump economy is starting to look more and more like the Obama economy Published Thu, Jun 20 2019 2:25 PM EDT Updated Thu, Jun 20 2019 5:44 PM EDT Jeff Cox @jeff.cox.7528 @JeffCoxCNBCcom

Trump economy surges and Biden and Obama hog the credit. Living in Joe Biden’s parallel universe. Follow Us Search Search Keyword: Sign Up For Our Daily Newsletters.

The White House dispatched economic adviser Kevin Hassett to rebut Mr. Obama’s point that his policies helped end the Great Recession and put the economy on a growth path that Mr. Trump

A former Republican congressman and current Trump campaign surrogate claimed President Trump, not the Obama-Biden administration, “owns” the economy in its current state.

Trump inherited a good economy with unemployment rate at 4.7 %. Obama came in with the worst jobs loss in 34 years. Trump misleads with fake talking points. He came in with near record lows on the

He compares the end of the Obama economy with the beginning of the Trump economy: “GDP growth staggered along at 1.5% in Mr. Obama’s final six full quarters in office. growth doubled to 3% during Mr. Trump’s first six full quarters. the increase in job openings over Mr. Trump’s first 21 months has averaged an impressive 75,000 a month.

Axios took its own look at the numbers and ranked Trump’s economy No. 6 out of the last 10 presidential administrations, based on average GDP growth, “the most comprehensive economic scorecard — and something presidents, especially Trump, use as an example of success.” Presidents have limited control over the economy, but the average GDP growth under Trump is higher than under Obama

In June 2010, when Barack Obama was a year-and-a-half into his presidency, the unemployment rate stood at 9.5 percent. For June 2018, a year-and-a-half into President Donald Trump