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Hellraiser is a series of supernatural horror movies that started in 1987. The first was directed by the writer Clive Barker, who had written the novella that led to the movie. Pinhead is the core character, an awful demon obsessed by torture and pain. As of this writing

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Movies Doug Bradley as Pinhead, Bradley, who plays the character in every Hellraiser movie to date – with the exception of the most recent installment, Hellraiser: Revelations.

Hellraiser is a British horror franchise that consists of ten films, a series of comic books, and additional merchandise. The franchise is based on the novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, who would go on to write and direct the adaptation of his story, titled Hellraiser.The films, as well as the comic book series, continually feature the Cenobite Pinhead.

The directorial debut from horror novelist Clive Barker stars Sean Chapman as a man who buys a strange Chinese puzzle box in a sex shop only to discover that its solution opens a portal to Hell.


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Pinhead, designated The Hell Priest, is the main antagonist of the Hellraiser series. He is the most famous cenobite and is Leviathan’s favourite cenobite out of Hell’s entire army, because of his understanding of Hell’s laws and Leviathan’s frame of mind. The Cenobite known as Pinhead was once a human known as Elliot Spencer who was born in the Britain in the Victorian Era in 1887. As a young

Movies Interview. How we made Hellraiser Hellraiser review – Clive Barker’s pinhead horror makes its point again. Read more My film required some design elements that hadn’t been seen

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pinhead hellraiser movies, Hellraiser (Movies)

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Compared to the other famous horror franchises, your Freddys and your Jasons and whatnot, the Hellraiser movies are failures. Even the Child’s Play movies make Pinhead look like a nonstarter, grossing a total of $126 million to the Hellraiser movies’ $48 million.Yet, there are nine official Hellraiser movies—the same number as the far-more-profitable A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise

8 Most Gruesome Hellraiser Stories Told Outside the Movies by Nat Brehmer September 25, 2017, 8:00 am 3k Views Thirty years later, Hellraiser is continuing to prove its lasting cultural legacy.

Pinhead is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Hellraiser franchise, first appearing as an unnamed figure in the Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart. The name “Pinhead” is derived from a sobriquet given to him by the crew of the first Hellraiser film; he is first credited as such in Hellbound: Hellraiser II.Nearly thirty years after The Hellbound Heart was published, the

Excepting the original, the Hellraiser movies always have a pretty bland story of humans getting tangled in Pinhead’s web, and Judgment is no exception in that regard. Then there’s the matter

The character appears in various Hellraiser comics and received his own comic miniseries, entitled Pinhead, published by Marvel Comics’ Epic Comics imprint. In the comic book series, Pinhead is depicted as the latest incarnation of the cenobite spirit Xipe Totec, an entity derived from Aztec mythology.In the Harrowing storyline, Pinhead is revealed to have been romantically involved with a

Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth (1992). Summary: Oh honey, Pinhead is back! But writer/director Clive Barker isn’t involved in this one, and it shows. This time, the puzzle box is discovered by a