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If you’re looking for the best collection of hilariously offensive racist jokes, you’ve come to the right place! Laugh out loud with your friends with the funniest politically incorrect jokes on the web! Our funny racial jokes target Asian, Black, Jewish, Indian, Mexican, White and much more!

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More jokes about: Hitler, jewish, racist One day, Hitler decided to test out the skills of several prisoners in Treblinka. As the first test, he had his soldiers bring him out the three prisoners, then line them up …

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132 Funniest Racist Jokes are Here to Make you Laugh Out

Racist Jokes. Regardless of your skin color, belief or country you can never be protected from the Racist jokes. So instead of being angry at the jokes, it would be more fun if we all stick together and enjoy some of the funny Racist jokes. The best Racist jokes …

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Season 3 of our favorite show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, wrapped up on February 16.While we wait for the CW to announce a renewal (