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Like many cultures, last names of Spanish origin are derived from family names, place names, descriptive names or names of occupations. Spanish names, however, don’t always follow a linear path. A person, for example may have two last names, one from their mother and one from their father.

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The most commons Hispanic Surnames and their surname origins and last name meanings.

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Origin of Spanish surnames Search by surname. Search your surname to know when and where was born the oldest ancestor we have information about. The place of origin will appear on the map.

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Spanish Married Last Names. When two people get married, there is a decision to be made about last names. In some countries a woman’s name will not change at all, but in other places a woman will drop her second surname and replace it with her husband’s first surname.

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Advanced stuff. If your curiosity hasn’t been satisfied yet, then read this section. the -ez suffix. It is suprising the number of Spanish surnames end in ez.This is because it means “son of”, like the suffix -son and -sen in many German and Scandinavian languages.In Portuguese the -ez becomes a -es.. e.g. Fernández is the son of Fernando [Ferdinan] Martínez is the son of Martín [Martin]

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All these surnames are Spanish or widely used in Spanish countries. Gender. Words ending in ‘o’ are male. Words ending in ‘a’ are female. Words which end in …

Garcia, Rodriguez and other Hispanic surnames now among the most popular in the U.S.

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The music of this page, whose words in Spanish you can see at the end, is a “villancico” by Juan del Encina or de Fermoselle (Encinas, Salamanca, 1469-León, 1529): Soy contento y vos servida (I am happy and you are served) Goods and Services provided by Tus Apellidos (Barcelona, Spain).

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Other Surnames. This is a list of “other” surnames from Isabel’s account books (late 15th c. Spain). (These are surnames which are not obviously patronymic or locative surnames.)

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The construction of a Spanish surname (otherwise known as a last name) is quite different from that of an English surname. Here’s an example to help you understand how Spanish names are constructed: Meet María del Carmen Fernández Bustamante, a single woman with a traditional Spanish name. The woman’s name is María del Carmen Fernández […]

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Latino / Hispanic name generator . This name generator will generate 10 random hispanic names. Spanish has hundreds of millions of speakers across the world, many of whom live in Southern America.


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Spanish patronyms have common endings such as “az”, “ez”, or “iz” which means “son of”. This syllable is attached to an ancestor’s first name to form the person’s surname.

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Spanish Surnames and Genealogy. Professional research. Origin, Meaning, Distribution, Ancient data, Famous persons, Noble lineages, Titles of nobility and Heraldry. Paleographic transcription and Documents translation

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