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Newnex manufactures various configurations of USB 3.0 cable harness, mainly to deliver power and SuperSpeed USB data transfer between USB 3.0 hosts and peripherals. Typical configuration are A to B, A to Micro B, and A to A.


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The cable features high quality Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) construction, helping to prevent electro-magnetic interference and ensuring reliable data communication, which ensures a quick and easy way to connect to an external storage solution for throughput of up to 5Gbps when used with a USB 3…

Primewire Premium USB 3.1 Lade-/ Daten-Kabel »USB 3.0-Typ A Stecker zu USB 3.1-Typ C Stecker ...

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USB 3.0 SuperSpeed with the micro connection for your camera and other accessories! USB 3.0 SuperSpeed with the micro connection for your camera and other accessories! Compliant to USB 3.0 SuperSpeed specifications; connect your SuperSpeed micro USB device for TEN TIMES the transmission rate of USB 2.0! FAST for downloading pictures and more!

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USB 3.0 Internal Connector Cable Specification

The USB 3.0 internal cable connector A, or USB3 ICC A, is mounted on the motherboard, while the USB 3.0 internal cable connector B, or USB3 ICC B, is mounted on the daughter card. Figure 2-1 illustrates the USB3 ICC pin numbering.

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Jul 01, 2014 · There are a lot of People selling SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Cables ON EBAY. Unfortunately a lot of them are fake. The look like real USB 3.0 Cable but they are standard USB 2.0 Cables. Watch the Video on

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1M 3.3Ft Right Angle Micro USB 3.0 Cable Micro B USB 3.0 Male to Standard USB 3.0 A Male 90 Degree for Hard Disk Drive HDD Seagate Kingston Samsung Galaxy S5 Note 3 Data Sync and Charge Cable OEM Model #: WA1109307-3F

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Micro USB Cable 10ft, CABEPOW Android Charger Cable「3Pack 10 feet 」,Extra Long Nylon Braided High Speed USB 2.0 Data Sync Charging Cord for Samsung, …

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Lynhurtig overførsel med USB 3.0 kabler via forskellige USB 3.0 stik typer og standarder. Naturligvis i mange forskellige kvaliteter og prisklasser. USB 3.0 en ny og hurtig USB standard, der med en overførselshastighed på hele 5.0 Gbps er ca. 10 gange så hurtig som et normalt USB 2.0 kabel.

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USB C cables and adapters are in stock and ready to ship. C2G carries USB products for desktop and mobile devices. We have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables and hubs, USB adapters for connecting any peripheral, and USB extenders for sending a USB signal up to 150ft over Cat5 cable!

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USB 3.Optical™ Cables by Corning connects computers and devices at incredible speed and over longer distances. They’re thin, light and remarkably tough — Optical Cables by Corning can be bent, squeezed, and tangled.

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USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ offers a whole new level of connectivity. Transfer data at incredible speeds, charge other devices, and even power mobile devices – all with just one USB-C cable. Quickly becoming the new universal standard, USB 3.1 is already supported by Windows, Google, and Mac operating systems, as well as many peripheral manufacturers.

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