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Guide to capture VHS video with the LogiLink Video Grabber, EZgrabber, EasyGrabber, STK1160, STK1150, ezcap168. Connecting. Using proper software. Which codec to use. Connecting the USB Video Grabber. The Grabber has two different video inputs (composite and S-Video). If your VHS player has an S-video output, you should definitely use this.

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Jan 29, 2011 · Update (October 2017): Please read our full article on digitizing your old VHS tapes How to Digitize Old VHS Tapes How to Digitize Old VHS Tapes It’s time to digitize your old VHS tapes! We’ll show you the hardware setup and free software you need to bring your VHS tapes to the 21st century. Tutorial about how to capture video from VHS tape

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Sep 10, 2017 · I also got a Video Grabber USB-VHS connector that my old man have probably bought from some shady techie somewhere god knows when. And big surprise it won’t work. The usb connects and plants some random driver on the PC but that’s it. There are no instructions and the only brand name I can find is “Video Grabber”.

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The Top-Longer USB Video Capture, Display and Recording of old VHS tapes – Watch, capture or record live video from your VCR, camcorder or video camera. Use Top-Longer USB video grabber to convert home videos and camcorder images to digital files on your computer.This device works with video, PAL and NTSC formats, producing high-resolution videos in an instant, and once you have …

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Jul 28, 2017 · But by using a video grabber, you can rescue memories from years gone by on video tape and bring them into the modern age. Turn old into new: Digitize your VHS collection with the video grabber. Although it looks just like a USB stick, a video grabber can’t save files – but can work digital magic on your analog video data.

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Oct 16, 2018 · What you want to capture, how you want to use it and whether or not you want to edit your videos all play a factor in the decision. As does the type of video you want to capture. Be sure to take your time and you’re sure to find the USB video capture card that’s right for you.

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Input signals can be composite (from VHS recorder) or S-Video. VHS video has reduced sharpness because it uses only composite signals. The grabber adds no visible noise to the picture. Live preview. Here are some screenshots. You can compare the capture results of the composite and S-video input with a digital DVD test image.

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